Imaging Instrumentation Laboratory

Specialized in X-Ray R&D

  • Image Processing
  • Electronics Design
  • X-RAY System Integration
  • Dose Management
  • Software Platform Development


 X-ray Products 

  • SyncBox
  • Dual Energy X-Ray System
  • Line Scanner X-Ray System
  • NDT System



Neurosignal Analysis Laboratory

The Neurosignal Analysis Laboratory located at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in Bogazici University has been involved in EEG-fMRI based neuroimaging studies using signal processing and statistical methods. The major purpose of our research is to  develop computational research tools to model the data obtained from  EEG and fMRI measurements for the functional neuroimaging of the human brain.Outcome of the laboratory  helps improve the health care quality of the people by developing effective tools to understand and visualize the data used to diagnose the problems relatedto the nervous system and to assess the impact of treatment methods used.



Cellular Imaging and Electrophysiology Laboratory 

The studies of Cellular Imaging and Electrophysiology Laboratory  are centered on electrophysiological recordings from brain slice cells and imaging of intracellular ionic movements. Also mechanisms of pathological and pharmocological approaches are studied.

•Determining the Differentiation Protocols of SH-SY5Y Cells into Neurons
•Electrical Activity Measurements and Potential for Modelling Neurodegenerative Diseases, Fluorescence Single Cell Imaging
•Investigating the Effects of Neurotransmitters on SH-SY5Y Cells
•Investigating the Lateralized Effect of Language and Visual Processing Tasks on the Brain Using Ear Temperature and fNIRS



Computational Imaging Laboratory

Computational Imaging Laboratory at Biomedical Engineering Institute at Boğaziçi University was founded in 2014. The main aim of the current and future projects is to develop novel molecular magnetic resonance (MR) imaging techniques to allow for a better understanding of the underlying biochemistry of diseases. The technical projects at the Computational Imaging Laboratory focus on designing new algorithms for molecular MR imaging data acquisition, post-processing and quantitation, as well as biostatistical analysis.


Biodesign Laboratory

In BioDesign Laboratory, designing, quick prototyping and fabricating medical devices is performed to be used for research or novel applications of new technologies in the medical field. The main objective of the lab is performing Interdisciplinary biomedical engineering methodologies on human physiology for developing new therapeutic and diagnostic solutions.